Beechmont 4G

Proposal to install a small cell mobile phone base station on the existing Telstra 20m pole at 4 Binna Burra Road, Beechmont QLD 4211

Some time ago, Telstra has installed a low power 4G system on the existing mast of the Beechmont telephone exchange on the roundabout.

The facility has been working nicely for well over a year now and gives much better Internet speeds than the landline ADSL2+. Try it out on your phone when you are parked near the old school on the roundabout or on Graceleigh Park.

There now is a proposal to add another frequency band around 700 MHz. This in addition to the existing 2600 MHz band.

There is now a request for public comments on this 4G facility as per the PDF document below. If you feel so inclined, go and let them know your opinion.

Comments are invited to reach the requestor before Thursday 16 May 2019 by COB.