The Akoonah Estate RIM box has a little brother

posted 6 Jan 2018, 21:00 by Ger VLOOTHUIS   [ updated 6 Jan 2018, 21:01 ]

Akoonah Estate - Remote Access Multiplexer

If you don’t have ADSL Internet as yet, call your Internet Service Provider to get you connected.  Ports are available now.

Akoonah Estate to get more ADSL capacity

posted 9 Sep 2017, 05:20 by Ger VLOOTHUIS

Rumour has it that Telstra is planning an upgrade to the RIM box in Akoonah estate (halfway between Beechmont and Binna Burra).  This box is known to be short of ADSL ports.  An increase in capacity is planned for somewhere around December 2017.  Watch this space for more news.

Beechmont Exchange now has ADSL2+ Internet ports available

posted 5 Aug 2012, 21:16 by Ger VLOOTHUIS

Telstra has completed the planned upgrade of the Beechmont Exchange on the roundabout with ADSL2+ and a beefed up backhaul during June 2012.    If your line is good, you can now get double the speed of the old ADSL1.   Call Telstra for an upgrade on your line.

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Beechmont Internet upgrade now rescheduled for 22 June 2012

posted 29 May 2012, 16:55 by Ger VLOOTHUIS

Telstra made it known today that a planned upgrade for the Telstra exchange on the Beechmont roundabout has now been rescheduled from end of August 2012 to an expected completion date of 22 June 2012.  This upgrade includes beefing up the microwave backhaul with a larger capacity link and replacing the current ADSL1 DSLAM with a modern ADSL2+ DSLAM.

Time to put the beer cold and celebrate.

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