Beechmont Internet Exchange
Beechmont Internet Exchange
Queensland, Australia

Telephone and Internet Exchange
Dial-up Telephony

For excellence in ancient POTS and ADSL1

As from August 2012 now also with ADSL2+ Internet ports.  Double the speed of ADSL1 (if your line is good).

The Beechmont Exchange now has a 4G mini-cell from Telstra.  If you have Telstra mobile you can have fabulous data speeds and VoLTE if you are in sight of the exchange.  Go here on how to setup your handset: Telstra Voice over 4G, Voice over Wi-Fi  -  Comments are requested here

nbn™ has now officially dumped Beechmont and Lower Beechmont into the “too-hard” basket.  At some stage we were going to get Fixed Wireless, but on decision day at the end of FY20 that appeared a bridge too far.  So, Beechmont and lower Beechmont are now assigned to SkyMuster satellite.  Read more about it on